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What we do:

We manufacture all kinds of greenhouse equipment and customized designs are our standard.  We extend 24/7 support to all our customers and we look forward to you calling us with your questions or needs.  Please browse through the links above to see some of what we offer to the greenhouse/horticultural industry.

Complete Seedline

comeplete seed line


Above is a photo of a complete seedline which is comprised of our tray filler, the high vacuum drum seeder, cylinder type tray topper and the watering in conveyor.  There is a bin feeder attached to the rear of the flat filler which does not show in the photo.  Besides the features of the individual components which are described in detail on the following pages of the website, the tightly integrated components shown are easily and quickly broken down to allow moving the seedline to another location.  The entire line will fit in only half of a 48' semi trailer allowing the operator to relocate the seeding operation to  a new site when desired.  The electrical connections are a single plug for the high voltage supply for the seeder, tray filler and bin feeder and individual plugs for the components which operate on 110vac.  This portability is unique in the high performance seeding machine industry.  

The equipment will fill, seed, top and water in any type of plug industry tray including the high density deep celled types.  Vacuum formed trays, injection molded trays and expanded polystyrene trays are usable in this equipment and the density of fill is fully adjustable.  If the nursery uses a variety of tray types to serve their plug industry customers the equipment is adjustable for different tray heights and widths without the need for tools.  None of the components exceed 1200 lbs in weight and can be handled with a pallet jack and fork lift.  Please visit the individual pages in the site to get more details on the components of the complete seedline.

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