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Single Head Seeder

single head seeder

The standard high vacuum belt conveyor drum seeder.


Dual Head Seeder

drum seeder      dual head seeder      seeder operator panel

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These pictures are of a dual head seeder which is not standard production but illustrates how we build the equipment you need.

The seeder offers the following features:

  • Speeds to 1000 trays or more per hour

  • Seeds are ejected with water for maximum accuracy at high speeds

  • Belt conveyor allowing random in feed and any tray type, the seed drum rotation is triggered by the leading edge of the tray and indexes itself to the proper starting point with no accumulated error

  • Timing adjustments while running-results visible immediately

  • Self centering tray guides for easy tray width changes

  • Drums can be drilled for multiple seed drops without loss of seeding speed

  • Drum changes in less than 2 minutes

  • Customers upgrading from older water ejection equipment need only change the drive gear to use their old drums

  • Stainless steel drum inserts with optional "needle" design for best singulation of difficult seeds

  • Vibratory hopper with air curtain blowoff standard

  • Vacuum control with variable speed positive displacement pump which keeps the vacuum constant as the drum turns, an important improvement for best singulation.  Set the vacuum and forget it.  This pump system only runs as fast as necessary for minimum noise and power consumption.

  • Lowest noise levels yet-72db or less

  • All stainless steel deck and conveyor shell for long life

  • Standard tray counter stops conveyor when preset tray count is reached

  • Three phase 220 VAC standard, single phase 220 VAC and three phase 440 VAC or 380 VAC 50Hz optional, maximum power requirement-7hp.

  • Simple controls-self contained except for 10cfm air supply and 40psi water supply

  • Width:    42"

  • Height:    48"

  • Length:    115" (dual head 144")

  • Weight:    900lb



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