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frequently asked questions, not in any particular order

 1.  Are you associated with Bouldin & Lawson, Inc.?
     no, but call us if you need help with a water ejection drum seeder

 2.  What kinds of seed will your seeder handle?
        everything but raw lettuces and raw begonia, we specialize in tree seeds and vegetable seeds of all types

 3.  What kinds of trays can you seed?
        any kind 

 4.  What kinds of trays can you fill?
        any kind

 5.  Where are you located?

     918 27th Street SE
        Ruskin, FL 33570 USA

 6.  How long does it take to repair a drum?
        one day normally

 7.  How fast is your equipment?
     everything is capable of 1000 trays per hour

 8.  How accurate is the seeder?
        most seeds 95% + at full speed

 9.  Do you manufacture greenhouses?
        no, but we can recommend some good manufacturers

10. Can you handle tree seeds?
        yes, all types

11. Why do you eject the seed with water?
        for greater accuracy at high speed

12. Is this the "Boots Seeder" I've heard about?
        yes, developed in 1978

13. Why has my drum seeder with a conveyor chain started dropping seed early and late in  the tray?
        the conveyor chain is worn out and must be replaced to restore accuracy.  Not a problem with the belt conveyor machine.

14.  Why does my drum manifold turn in the mounting blocks?
        the drum bearings are frozen from corrosion and must be changed.  It is a good idea to lubricate the bearings at the beginning of each seeding session and to turn each drum by hand before using it

15.  Seeds are sticking to the drum, what's wrong?
     Try cleaning the drum and wiping with RainX.  Also if you have flat tips, check the condition of the wiper blades.  A thorough cleaning of the tips and replacing any that leave a droplet of water on the drum as the drum turns is a good idea also.  Sometimes static can be a problem that is helped by RainX as well.

16.    Water is not ejecting from the drum at the usual pressure, what's wrong?  
        Excessive internal water leakage or misalignment causes this problem which can be caused by worn seals, broken internal parts or misaligned parts.  Check the centering of the manifold in the drum first,  should be the same dimension from the end of the central manifold tube to the hub with the grease fitting in it.  If the drum has been dropped or mishandled in shipping this can be the problem.

17.    If you suspect water has passed through the lobe type vacuum pump, you must disconnect the vacuum piping and let the pump run for two minutes to dry it out before shutting the machine down for the day.  This helps insure that the seals won't be corroded by the moisture.

18.  My pump out pump is not working, what can I do to get it going again.
Replace the complete pump and both discharge check valves with new ones, prime the pump by hand so that it won't run dry on startup and then apply vacuum and make sure that no bubbles come up in the tank.  Check daily to be sure that air bubbles are not coming through the pump.  Replace check valves as needed to keep the system air tight. 



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