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Tray Cleaner

tray washer

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Our newest design is a tray cleaner which incorporates unique rotating nozzles to achieve maximum coverage and cleaning effectiveness with minimum water consumption.  The machine uses 8 to 12 gpm including the rinse section.  Standard equipment includes a booster pump to operate the washing nozzles at 120psi or higher depending upon inlet pressure and all stainless steel construction.  A destacker for non-nesting trays is included with a fully variable speed drive.  With the standard booster pump loose dirt is washed off the trays and collected in the 4" drain.  Optionally, a pressure washer pump can be connected to the rotary nozzles for thorough cleaning including removing plugs without roots; for use with injection molded trays only.  Variable conveyor speeds up to 1000 trays/hour are standard using an inverter drive.


  • Speeds: 0-1000 trays per hour

  • Non nesting, hard plastic trays only

  • Water supply 8-12 gpm @ 40psi

  • Rinse section for applying anti-bacterial solution

  • Water is not recirculated-low water consumption allows single use

  • Width:     28"

  • Length:  120"

  • Height:   66"

  • Weight:  400 lb.

  • Power requirements: 220vac single phase, 1/2hp conveyor drive-pump requirements depending upon pump selected.



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