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Watering In Conveyor

water tunnel

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For use in any plug seeding line to water in trays without disturbing the seed and yet saturate the soil media thoroughly.  For best germination when trays are stacked, the media should hold enough water to allow the seed to germinate without drying out during the process.  This watering in conveyor applies enough water in one pass for germination stacking.


  • All stainless steel construction

  • Belt conveyor with detachable link construction for tension adjustment

  • Drive motor protected from water drips by mounting underneath the shell 

  • Constant speed conveyor and individually adjustable water curtains for consistent application

  • Optional photoeye control for water conservation with solenoid valve and instant on/off water curtain pipes

  • 4" pipe size drain opening for clog free operation

  • Adjustable height legs to match feed conveyor

  • Width: 24"

  • Height: 50"

  • Length: 90"

  • Weight: 250 pounds

  • Power: 110/220 single phase 50/50Hz, 1/3 hp max.



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