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Bin Feeder

bin feeder

The bin feeder is designed exclusively for use with the SK Design tray filler and will not work with other machines.  The feeder has a capacity of 60 cubic feet which will hold the capacity of the large bags or a 2 yard mixer.  It uses a unique to the industry live auger bottom with plastic augers and stainless steel troughs for maximum life in the corrosive soil environment.  The machine uses two photoeyes and a programmable logic controller to turn the augers on and off to keep the tray filler supplied with soil without overloading the filler.  There is no soil spillage from the feeder due to the auger design.  Power for the bin feeder comes from the tray filler and the feeder can be turned off from the filler.

  • Length: 72"

  • Width: 72"

  • Height: 65"

  • Weight: 800 pounds

  • Power: 220/440 3phase or single phase 50/60Hz available, 1 hp maximum



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