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Plug Tray Filler

trayfiller loading end       trayfiller discharge end     dense plug

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Our tray filler is a new design which incorporates several unique features to allow one machine to serve the needs of any plug producer.  From the smallest cells for ornamentals to the largest tree trays, the tray filler allows complete control of soil density for uniform filling from corner to corner and end to end.


  • Stainless steel sheet metal construction in all components which contact soil continuously

  • Full variable speed drive with single or three phase supply, 220, 380 or 440 vac

  • Tray tops are clean-no soil on cell dividers

  • Fully adjustable fill density which remains consistent regardless of machine speed including the stopped condition, the picture of the ejected plug demonstrates a high density fill, achieved by tapping the tray from the bottom and an exclusive agitation system above the tray as it is being filled

  • Handles soil which is considered wet-a squeezed handful drips moisture, desirable for highest density filling, optional water bar to add water at the filler

  • Virtually no soil spillage due to complete soil recycling, accelerator rollers pull a gap between the trays while they are in the machine, allowing trapped soil to drop to the internal soil return conveyor 

  • Speed following feature for use with our belt drive high vacuum drum seeder, tray filler speed is fully automatic including stopping when the seeder belt stops.  The soil brush stops as well to prevent excessive brushing while stopped.  Full manual modes at the selection of a switch.

  • Trays transfer to our seeder with proper gap automatically regardless of speed

  • Unique pressure hold down takes any tray through the machine without slippage and without damaging the tray, difficult to do when using high density filling

  • Fully enclosed construction for safety and clean appearance

  • Automatically stops if necessary to wait for next tray to be loaded to maintain end to end filling

  • Standard rolling dibble mount

  • No tools required to adjust tray width, height or filling density-all components adjust together

  • Standard machine requires continuous soil availability  from customer soil system, control for soil supply included

  • Optional bin feeder for installations without suitable soil storage

  • Optional stack feeder for trays which do not nest-bottom feed with speed following

  • Adjustable feet standard, casters optional

  • Length: 120"  Width: 66"  Height: 78"  Weight: 800lb.

  • Power requirements: 240/440vac 60/50Hz 3 phase, 220vac single phase, 3hp max. 



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