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Bird pictures and vacation shots, all by Stewart:

female Anna's hummingbird     female Anna's hummingbird on feeder
Anna's hummingbird, female, Sedona, AZ

male Anna's hummingbird display    male Anna's hummingbird at feeder
Anna's hummingbird, male, displaying in left photo, Sedona, AZ

black chinned hummingbird
Black chinned hummingbird, Sedona, AZ

blue jay
Blue jay

boat tailed grackle
Boat tailed grackle

brown thrasher  brown thrasher
Brown thrasher

northern cardinal female  northern cardinal male
Cardinal pair, female on the left


great blue heron
Great blue heron

great egret
Great egret

least bittern with lunch
Least bittern with lunch

mourning dove
Mourning dove

sora (rail)
Sora (rail), Peck's Lake, Clarkdale, AZ


western kingbird
Western kingbird, Peck's Lake, Clarkdale, AZ

western scrub jay
Western scrub jay, Sedona, AZ

white ibis with boat tailed grackle
White ibis with boat tailed grackle

full moon rising over red rocks
Moon over Red Rock State Park, Sedona, AZ

panorama full moon rising over Cathedral Rocks
Moonrise over Cathedral Rocks, Sedona, AZ

red rocks framed by tree and fence
Red rocks, Sedona AZ



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